Zoological Survey of India

Zoological Survey of India

Zoological Survey of India, Govt. Of India

Major Programmes Undertaken

Major Projects

  • Animal Remains from Chirand, Saran Dist, Bihar.
  • Animal Remains from Lumbini in Nepal.
  • Ecology of Suraha Lake, Ballia Dist. UP.
  • Studies of Lac Insects and Butterflies of South Bihar.
  • Plant and Soil Nematodes of Bihar.
  • Plant Parasitic mites of Bihar.
  • On Nichollsia kashiene- a Deep Well Crustacean.
  • Osteology of Bats of Bihar.
  • Studies on Freshwater Molluscs of Munger and Santhal Pragana Dist. of erstwhile Bihar,
  • Exploration of freshwater ecosystem: Kabar Lake.
  • Fauna of Bihar : Mammalia.
  • Fauna of Bihar : Aquatic Insects.
  • Fauna of Madhepura and Bhagwanpur wetland in Madubani district, Bihar.
  • Faunal Exploration of Singhbhum and Giridih with special reference to Dalma Sanctuary.
  • Faunal Exploration: Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary, Munger, Bihar.
  • Tetrapod Fauna w.s.r. to Mammals of Hazaribagh National Park

Significant Achievements

  • Monograph on Nichollsia kashiensis Chopra and Tiwari ( Crustacea : Isopoda). Mem. ZSI. 17: 160pp.
  • Faunal composition of Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary (Bihar): Conservation Area Series No. 22,-2004.
  • Fauna of Valmiki Nagar Tiger Reserve : Fauna of Conservation Areas No. 10,- 1998.
  • Fauna of Kabar Lake Wetland (Bihar): Ecosystem Series, 2002.
  • Fauna of Bihar (including Jharkhand) Part-1 : State fauna Series 11.2004.
  • The Odonata of Bihar