Paleozoology Section

Paleozoology Division of ZSI is the repository of the immense important collection of zooarchaeological remains from different archaeological sites of Indian subcontinent, collected from the excavations mostly by Archaeological Survey of India, also Directorate of State Archaeology, universities,   individuals and other institutions. Till date ZSI worked out specimens from more than fifty archaeological sites and custodian of the zooarchaeological remains from more than forty different prehistoric sites of the Indian subcontinent. The repository of Prehistoric Zoology Section is holding collections from Harappa, Mohenjodaro, Rupar, Lothal, Rangpur, Kalibangan, Nagarjunakonda, Hastinapur, Ujjain, Burzahom, Kausambi, Taxilla, Tilaurkot & Kodan (Nepal), Andaman Kitchen Midden site and many other important sites. Prehistoric zoology section also has a great collection of modern comparative collection of different domestic as well as wild species which is very important for the study of animal remains.