Arachnida Section

Arachnida is a class in the subphylum Chelicerata under the phylum Arthropoda. This diverse group of organisms can be easily characterized by two distinct body regions - cephalothorax, abdomen and four pairs of jointed legs attached to the cephalothorax. Arachnids comprises the orders Acari, Amblypygi, Araneae, Opiliones, Palpigradi, Pseudoscorpiones, Scorpiones, Ricinulei, Schizomida, Solifugae, and Uropygi.

In order to explore the diversity of different arachnids in India, the Division of Arachnology has been established with two sections Arachnida and Acarology. The Arachnida section has been well known through the works of internationally renowned expert Dr. B. K. Tikader, former Director of ZSI. Sea Spiders (Class: Pycnogonida), Centipedes (Class: Chilopoda) and Millipedes (Class: Diplopoda) collections are also deposited in the Arachnida section. The sectional holding is comprised of 39215 general collections including various type specimens.

The section focuses taxonomic research on all arachnid orders except Acari, resulting in the publication of new species, new records to India, reviews on Indian genera, and checklists. The section is handling various inhouse research programmes on arachnids of different ecosystem/biogeographic zones of India. The scientist of the section is also supervising doctoral and postdoctoral students.  The section also provides advisory services by identifying various arachnids for different universities/colleges/institutions. This section is also helping M.Sc. students to complete their dissertation on arachnids.


Sectional Strength

Dr.Souvik Sen

Scientist-D &Officer-in-Charge

Arachnida Section,

Zoological Survey of India,

M-Block, New Alipore, Kolkata-700053

West Bengal, India

Email: /


Supporting Staff

  • Shri Arghya Ghosh, Senior Zoological Assistant
  • Shri Mrinmoy Kumar Kayal, Senior Zoological Assistant
  • Shri Rahul Kumar, Junior Zoological Assistant
  • Shri Rakesh Kumar, Laboratory Assistant
  • Mr Israfil Mollah, Field Attendant(MTS)


Phintella dhritiae Sudhin, Sen & Caleb, 2023

Phintella dhritiae Sudhin, Sen & Caleb, 2023


Stenaelurillus neyyar Sudhin, Sen & Caleb, 2023
Stenaelurillus neyyar Sudhin, Sen & Caleb, 2023