Fish Section

The Marine Fish Section is among the largest repository of Marine Fish in India. The section has a total holding of 501,787 specimens including 500,775 specimens in general collections and 1012 specimens in Type collections. The type collections (1012 samples) of the section comprises 356 species, including Holotype, Paratype, Syntype, Lectotype, Paralectotype & Neotype. This repository is unique with the collections from the Asiatic Society of Bengal (collected made in the 19th century), collections of Sir Francis Day (collections made 160 years back), and several exotic species obtained through the exchange in past.The freshwater fish section of the Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata is the largest repository for freshwater fishes in the country hosting 3.46 lakh specimens including 1301 type specimens. It includes century- old collection made by the Asiatic Society of Bengal which was later handed over to Zoological Survey of India. Collections made by the eminent scientists/ researchers of the country and abroad are being maintained in the section.