Isoptera Section

The Isoptera Section at ZSI-HQ works on both morphological and molecular taxonomy of termites. The section had its inception in 1956 and has been well known through the works of internationally renowned experts like Dr. M. L. Roonwal, Dr. O. B. Chottani, Dr. G. Bose and Dr. P.K. Maity.  More than 22 programmes have been handled by the section. All 6 families of termites have been dealt with. The section has a total of nearly 344 species, from India and several countries abroad and also holds about 3727 vials of identified, and 452 vials of unidentified termite specimens. The section also has 1060 Type Collections. Presently the section is contributing to 8 annual research programmes of ZSI. Scientists of this Section have described a total of 105 species of termites new to science and have published over 150 research publications in the form of books, book chapters and articles in various national and international journals, books.  A 3 days’ National Workshop on Termite Taxonomy was organised in 2019.