Mr. Surendar C.

Assistant Zoologist

Mr. Surendar C.

Assistant Zoologist

Highest Academic degree, year

M. Sc.



General Non-Chordata Section, HQ, Kolkata.

Email Address

Phone Number

+91 9444 170156

Area of Expertise

Taxonomy: Echinodermata and Scleractinian Corals (Acropora)

Experience after Ph. D.

9 years (After M.Sc.)

Significant Achievements




Worked in Review and Revision of Scleractinian Corals of India.

Contribution to the taxonomy of Indian echinoderms.

Worked in India’s first Biorock installation.

Worked in ZSI-IOCL coral translocation project.



Research Focus



Taxonomy and classification of echinoderms and scleractinian coral (Acropora).

Species diversity and distribution patterns of echinoderms and Acropora coral.

Population studies of seacucumber of Gulf of Mannar.

Restoration and translocation of coral reef.





















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