Dr. N. Marimuthu


Dr. N. Marimuthu


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94882 56444

Area of Expertise

Taxonomy: Scleractinian corals

Experience after Ph. D.

14 years

Significant Achievements

Coral reef spatial and temporal assessment

Contribution to the marine bio-indicator species assessment

Research on invertebrate recruitment and ecology



Research Focus

Taxonomy and classification of Scleractinian corals

Species diversity and distribution patterns

Recruitment competition among marine invertebrates





Marimuthu, N., Wilson, J.J., Kumaraguru, A.K. 2023. Seasonal Variability of Biofouling Community Structure in the Gulf of Mannar, Southeast Coast of India: A Multivariate Approach. Journal of Ocean University of China, (Springer).

Marimuthu, N., Wilson, J.J., Al-Sofyani, A.A., Kumaraguru, A.K. 2022. Coral reef health status versus Muricid bioindicator in the Lakshadweep Archipelago – A multivariate approach. Frontiers in Marine Science. 9:914240. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2022.914240

Marimuthu, N., Vignesh, S.K., Raheem, C.N.A., Idreesbabu, K.K. 2022. Mass occurrence of blue button hydrozoan fauna in the Lakshadweep Archipelago, India. Current Science. 122(4): 369-370

Marimuthu, N., Wilson, J.J., Kumaraguru, A.K. 2020. Tracking Decadal Changes in Palk Bay Coral Community Structure: A Multivariate Approach. Journal of Coastal Conservation: Planning and Management (Springer), 21: 289-301

Marimuthu, N., Purvaja, R., Sathish, M., Dinesh, N., Ramesh, R. 2019. Recruitment pattern of Scleractinian coral spats on neighbouring artificial substrates at Kurusadai Reef Complex, Gulf of Mannar, India. Aquatic Ecosystem; Health and Management, (Taylor and Francis). 22(1): 77-85

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