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General Non-Chordata Section, Zoological Survey of India.

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Taxonomy: Octocorallia; Ecological Restoration of Coral Reefs

Experience after Ph. D.

10 years

Significant Achievements

- Restoration degraded coral reef habitats of Gulf of Kachchh, Gujarat.

- Contribution to the biodiversity studies of soft coral species.

- Research on marine biodiversity, coral reefs resilience studies



Research Focus

- Taxonomy and biodiversity studies on octocorals

- Coral reef restoration/coral transplantation/translocation

- Reef resilience assessment & resilience based coral reef management





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Padmakumar,K.,R.Chandran, J.S.Yogesh Kumar and R. Sornaraj 2011.Carijoa rissei (Cnidaria: Octocorallia: Clavulariidae), a newly observed threat to Gulf of Mannar coral biodiversity? Current Science, 100: 35-37. (Journal Article)


- 12 research papers in SCI journals


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