Highest Academic degree, year

Ph.D.; 2006


Western Ghat Regional Centre, Zoological Survey of India, Kozhikode.


Email Address;


Phone Number



Area of Expertise

Taxonomy: Hymenoptera


Experience after Ph. D.

17 years


Significant Achievements

- Described123 new wasp species.

- Discovered 01 family, 18 genera and 55 species of wasps as new records to India.

- Published 7 books/monographs and 302 research papers.

- Research Guide in Zoology of University of Calicut, Kerala.

- Reviewer/ Subject expert in various foreign and Indian journals (including Zootaxa, Zookeys, Journal of Hymenoptera Research, Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, Oriental Insects, International Journal of Tropical Insect Science, etc.) on hymenopteran taxonomy.



Supervised 04 PhD students and Scientist Mentor of 01 Post Doctoral Fellow.


Research Focus

- Taxonomy and classification of wasps.






- Published 7 books/monographs and 302 research papers.

- 2 research monographs &44 research papersin SCI journals (International Journal of Tropical Insect Science (1 paper), Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology (1 paper), Journal of Natural History (2 papers), National Academy Science Letters- India (1 paper), Oriental Insects (3 papers), and Zootaxa (2 monographs & 36 papers)).

Some of the important publications:

(1). Lelej, A.S., Williams, K.A., Terine, J.B., Okayasu, J., Parikh, G.R. and Girish Kumar, P. (2023). Review of the tribe Mutillini (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae) from the Oriental Region. Zootaxa, 5228(4): 455–476.

(2). Binoy, C., Achterberg, C. van, Polaszek, A., Girish Kumar, P. and Santhosh, S. (2022). A review of Taeniogonalos (Hymenoptera: Trigonalyidae) from India with the description of two new species. Journal of Natural History, 56: 21-24, 1153-1185. DOI: 10.1080/00222933.2022.2088311

(3). Hanima Raveendran, K.P., Girish Kumar, P. and V.D. Hegde (2022). Additions to the knowledge on the genus Tiphia Fabricius (Hymenoptera: Tiphiidae: Tiphiinae) from India with the description of ten new species. Zootaxa, 5204 (1): 001-106.

(4). Gawas, S.M., Girish Kumar, P., Pannure, A., Gupta, A. and Carpenter, J.M.(2020). An annotated distributional checklist of Vespidae (Hymenoptera: Vespoidea) of India. Zootaxa, 4784 (1): 001-087.

(5).Girish Kumar, P., Carpenter, J.M. and Sureshan, P.M. (2016). A taxonomic review of the genus Antepiponade Saussure, 1855 (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Eumeninae) from India. Zootaxa, 4150(5): 501-536.


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