Dr. Gopal Sharma

Scientist E

Highest Academic Degree &Year

MSc in Zoology, PhD on Gangetic Dolphin in 1998




Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Government of India



Gangetic Plains Regional Centre

Zoological Survey of India

Bahadurpur Housing Colony

Sector-8, Vijay Nagar

Patna, Bihar-800026





Mob: 9006718900(Whatsapp)



Area of Expertise

Gangetic Dolphin and Freshwater Molluscs


Research Experience

32 Year



Research focus

River dolphin


Freshwater Zooplankton




Books Published:

1. Aquatic invertebrates of the Ganga River System(Mollusca, Annelid and Crustacea),

2. Faunal Diversity of Chaurs of North Bihar_ZSI Publication

3. गांगेयडाल्फिन- भारतकाराष्ट्रीयजलीयजंतु(हिन्दी)

4. रेंगनेवालेजीवोंकीसचित्रपुस्तिकाबिहारएवंझारखंड(हिन्दी)

5. गांगेयडॉल्फिन : जलकाराजा

6. जलकीरानी : डॉल्फिन

7. Birds in Bihar Vol I

8. Birds in Bihar Vol II.

9. Faunal Diversity of River Subernarekha

10. Book on Dolphin Management Plan on VikramshilaGnagetic Dolphin Sanctuary, Sultanganj, Bhagalpur.

11. Pictorial hand book on aquatic Macrophytes of Gangetic Plains of Bihar

12. Pictorial hand book on aquatic Macrophytes of Damodar Valley in Jharkhand

Research ArticlesPublished :

1. Sinha, R.K., Das, N.K., Singh, N.K., Sharma, G. and Ahsan, S.N. (1993): Gut content of the Gangetic dolphin, Platanistagangetica. Investigation of Cetacea (edited by G. Pilleri) Switzerland, vol. XXIV pp 317-321.

2. Sinha, R.K., B.D. Smith, Sharma, G. K. Prasad, B.C. Choudhury, K. Sapkota, R.K. Sharma, and S.K. Behera. (2000): Status and distribution of the Ganges susu (Platanistagangetica) in the Ganges River System of India and Nepal. In “Biology and Conservation of Freshwater Cetaceans in Asia,” edited by R.R. Reeves, B. D. Smith, and T. Kasuya, : Occasional Papers of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (Gland, Switzerland).  No. 23: 54-61.

3. Sinha, R. K., Prasad, K., Sharma, G., and Dalwani, R. (2001): Ecological Restoration of the River Ganga, Int. J. Ecol. and Env. Sc. 27: 127-135.

4 Sinha, R.K. and Sharma, G. (2001) : New record of a gastropod, StenothyraornataAnnandale and Prashad, 1921 from the River Ganga in Bihar. Journal of Bombay Natural History Society, 98(3): 485-487.

5. Sinha, R. K., Nesemann, H. and Sharma, G., (2003) : New records of Physa (Gastropoda:  Physidae) from Indian subcontinent. Club ConchyliaInformationen, Vol. 34 (4/6): 3-11. Vienna and Ludwigsburg.

6. Omair, M., Naylor, B., Wiley, M. J., Reddy, S. G., Sinha, R. K. and Sharma, G. (2005) : Biological and Chemical characteristics of the River Ganga (Ganges). The Journal of International Institute. 12: 16. The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

7. Nesemann, H., Sharma, S. Sharma, G., and R.K.Sinha (2005): Illustrated checklist of large Freshwater Bivalves of the Ganga River System (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Solecurtidae, Unionidae, Amblemidae) Illustrierte Check-Liste der Süsswasser-Grossmuscheln des Ganges Fluss-Systemes (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Solecurtidae, Unionidae, Amblemidae) Nachrichtenblatt der ErstenVorarlbergerMalakologischenGesellschaft | 13 | 1-51

8. Sinha, R.K., Sinha, Samir. K. Kedia, Sharma, G.,  (2007):  A holistic study on Mercury Pollution in the Ganga River system at Varanasi, India, Current Science, (Scientific Correspondence) Vol. 92, No.9,10th May 2007 pp.1223-1228

9. Sharma, Gopal. Ajeet Kumar Singh and D. N. Choudhary (2009):  A new distributional record of  Great Stone Plover (Great Thick-knee)Esacusmagnirostrisrecurvirostris (Cuvier, 1829) from the Island of River Gandak in Bihar, India (IBA- BR-IN-01 ) NLWB. vol. 49(3): 40-42. Apl.-June 2009

10. Sharma, G. NesemannHasko and Sharma, S. (2009):  Discovery of a new population of virtually unknown large freshwater bivalve Parresyarajahensis (Lea, 1841) Unionidae: Amblemidaes) in the river of Subarnarekha. Indian J. Envi. & Socio. 12 (36): 75-79.

11. Sinha, R.K., Sinha S.K., Sharma, G. and Kedia D.K. (2010): Surfacing and diving behaviour of free ranging Ganges river dolphin Platanistagangeticagangetica. J. of Current Science, Vol.98. No. 2, 25th Jan. 2010.

12. Sharma, G. 2010: Current status of Susu (PlatanistagangeticagangeticaRoxburgh 1801) in River Hooghly in West Bengal, India. Editor Director Rec. zool. Surv. India, 110 (Part 1): 61-69.

13. Ng, P.K.L., Nesemann, H.F. and Sharma, G., (2011): A new freshwater species ofNeorhynchoplax Sakai, 1938 - (Crustacea: Decapoda: Hymenosomatidae) from Patna, Bihar, India-Zootaxa 3063: 53–63.

14. HaskoNesemann, Sharma, G., and Ravindra K. Sinha (2011): Benthic macro-invertebrate fauna and "marine elements" sensu Annandale (1922) Highlight the valuable dolphin habitat of river Ganga in Bihar-India TAPROBANICA: The Jour. of Asian Biodiversity,3(1):18-30 .

15. Ram Kumar ,HaskoNesemann, Sharma, G., (2011): Impact of rising Urban pressure on ecology of the River Ganga at Patna, India Abs. Org. by Centre for Developmental studies, CUB, March 11-12’ 2011.

16. Nesemann, H. and Sharma, G., (2012): Description of a new species of the leech family Salifidae (Odontobdellakrishnanov. sp.) from the River Ganga at Patna, Bihar-Records of the zool. Sur. India 111 (Part-3): 1-7, Kolkata.

17. Nesemann, H., Sharma, G. and M. Sardana (2012): Aquatic macro-benthic Arthropoda diversity of temporary and permanent wetlands in and around Patna with pictorial guide of aquatic bugs (Heteroptera: Nepomorpha)-Spectrum Journal of Science and Society for Sustainable Development 2 (1-4): 75-84, Patna.

18. Ram Kumar, Nesemann, H.Sharma, G., Li-Chun Tseng, A. K. Prabhakar & S. P. Roy (2013): Community structure of macrobenthic invertebrates in the River Ganga in Bihar, India in Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management, 16 (4):385–394, 2013. AEHMS. ISSN: 1463-4988 print/1539-4077 online DOI: 10.1080/14634988. 2013. 846200.

19. Nesemann, H., &Sharma, G. (2013): Observations on the life history of giant water bugs LethocerusMayr, 1853 (Heteroptera: Nepomorpha: Belostomatidae) in the Gangetic plains of India and NepalJournal of Threatened Taxa 26th June 2013 | 5(10): 4474–4482, ISSN Online 0974-7907.

20. Sharma G., (2013): Current status of Susu (PlatanistagangeticagangeticaRoxburgh, 1801)  in River Gandak, A major tributary of the holy river Ganga in Bihar, India. Rec. zool. surv. India :113 (Part-1): 39-59, 2013.

21. Sharma, G. and Kumar, N. (2015) Discovery of a new nesting and breeding colony of the Asian Open bill Stork (Anastomusoscitans) at Jehanabad, Bihar, Bionotes17 (1): 15-18.

22. Sharma G(2015) : Promoting bird Tourism in Ganga River from Patna to Kahalgaonwsr to VikramshilaGangetic Dolphin Sanctuary (an IBA) in Bihar, India in seminar on faunal diversity of Bihar and Jharkhand: Souvenir (1965-2015) GPRC, ZSI, 01- 14

23. Sharma G & Navneet Singh 2022: Faunal Diversity of Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary and Saranda Forest Division in Jharkhand, Pp-1-198, published by the Director, Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata. (Under review) 2022.

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