Dr. Sanjay Dattatray Paunikar


Dr. Sanjay DattatrayPaunikar, Scientist-E

Highest Academic degree, year

Ph.D.; 2014


Zoological Survey of India, Central Zone Regional Centre, Jabalpur- 482002, Madhya Pradesh

Email Address,

Phone Number

9926541280 & 7302245918

Area of Expertise

Taxonomy: Lepidoptera, Odonata and Pisces

Experience after Ph. D.

09 years

Significant Achievements

- Documented studies on of forest insect diversity of North-Western Himalaya.

- Contribution to the taxonomy of Lepidoptera families, Odonata and Pisces.

- Research on  Lepidoptera and Odonata behaviour and ecology


Supervised many PG students for M.Sc dissertation

Research Focus

- Taxonomy and classification of Lepidoptera, Odonata and Pisces- Species diversity, ecology and distribution patterns






Published over 100 papers including research papers, book chapters, general and popular articles.

Paunikar, S.D., Sharma, G. and Sathish Kumar, V.M. 2021. Diversity of Moth (Lepidoptera: Heterocera) in different forest areas of North-West Himalaya. Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology, 42(24):925-935.

Paunikar, S.D. and Sharma, G. 2022.   A preliminary study on the moth diversity of RanjitSagar conservation reserve of Punjab.The Pharma Innovation Journal, SP-11(6): 2494-2498.Paunikar, S.D. and Sharma, G. 2022. Butterfly species diversity and distribution in protected forest areas of North-West Himalaya of India.Biological Forum – An International Journal 14(4): 1004-1015.

Paunikar, S.D,Kushwaha, S., Saha, P.C., and Jahan, S. 2022. Diversity and distribution of Some Hemiptera fauna In the different forest areas of North-West Himalaya. Journal of Natural resources and development, 17(2):45-5.

Sathish Kumar, V.M., Sharma, G., Paunikar, S.D. and Sharma, S. 2022. Molecular identification and First DNA Barcode Sequences Record of SpodopterapectenGuenee, 1852 (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) from Western Himalaya, India. Journal of Scientific Research&Reports, 28(1): 50-53.

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