Dr. Bheem Dutt Joshi

Scientist –C

Dr. Bheem Dutt Joshi

Scientist –C

Highest Academic degree

PhD (2017)


Wildlife Section


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Area of Expertise

Conservation Biology, Phylogeography, Conservation Genetics, Evolutionary biology, wildlife forensics, and Ecology



12 years


Significant Achievements

Addressed Goral taxonomy in Indian Himalayan regions

Established only presence of Kashmir Musk deer in Western Himalayan landscape.

Allopatric speciation in Siberian Ibex

Population genetics of Nilgir tahr in Western Ghats

Explored different computational methods in identifying false positive in fish taxonomy

Whale shark population genetics in Indian coast



Research Focus

  • Population Genetics and Phylogeography: Investigating genetic variations and evolutionary patterns in various wildlife species, particularly in the mountain regions (Indian Himalayan and Western Ghats) south and southeast Asia to understand their diversification, migration, and population dynamics.
  • ildlife Forensics and Ethnozoology: Utilizing non-invasive genetic techniques and metagenomics to identify and combat illegal wildlife trade and poaching activities, as well as studying traditional knowledge and practices related to wildlife among local communities.
  • onservation Biology and Habitat Ecology: Assessing the status and distribution of threatened vertebrates and exploring the impact of climate change on dietary plants, especially in the context of the Red panda and Nilgiri thar, to develop effective conservation strategies.
  • iodiversity and Zoogeographic Studies: Investigating zoogeographic distribution and taxonomic ambiguity of various wildlife and so far addressed: Hungul, and swamp deer, across different ecosystems in South and Southeast Asia.
  • apacity Building and Stakeholder Engagement: Organizing and coordinating capacity building workshops for diverse stakeholders, including forest departments, students, law enforcement agencies, and local communities, to raise awareness and enhance conservation efforts in the Indian Himalayan regions.

Through my research endeavors, my aim to contribute to the understanding of biodiversity conservation, wildlife management, and the impacts of environmental changes on vulnerable species. Additionally, I strive to collaborate with various institutions and experts to address complex ecological challenges, evolutionary studies, population dynamics and promote sustainable practices for the protection of our natural heritage.




- 5 Books

-60 Research publication

-2 popular articles  


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Twitter: @bheemduttj

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