Dr. S. S. Jadhav


Dr. S. S. Jadhav


Highest Academic degree, year

Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology - 2010



Freshwater Biology Regional Centre

Zoological Survey of India, Hyderabad


Email Address


Phone Number



Area of Expertise

Taxonomy: Freshwater Fish


Experience after Ph. D.

13 years


Significant Achievements(max 5 bullet points)

  • Discovered 8 new freshwater fish species
  • Contribution to the taxonomy of freshwater fishes
  • Research on biodiversity conservation and fish ecology



Research Focus(max. 5 bullet points)

  • Taxonomy and classification of fishes
  • Species diversity and distribution patterns
  • Evolutionary relationships among fish taxa






Books :02

  • Current status of faunal diversity in Telangana. Published by Director, Zool. Surv. India. Kolkata. 1-394.
  • Telangana State Biodiversity Field Guide, Published byTelangana State biodiversity Board, Hyderabad. 1-293.


Research papers:65

  • Garra deccanensis, a new labeonine fish from Peninsular India. Ichthyological Explorations of Freshwaters,1182:1-14.
  • Parapsilorhynchus alluriensis, a new species of cyprinid fish from the Eastern Ghats of India, Zootaxa, 4751(3): 563-574.
  • Molecular phylogeny unveils hidden diversity of hillstream loaches (Cypriniformes: Cobitoidea) in the northern Western Ghats of India. Meta Gene 17: 237-248.
  • Balitora jalpalli, a new species of stone loach (Teleostei: Cypriniformes: Balitoridae) from Silent Valley, Southern Western Ghats, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa, 5(5): 3921–3934.
  • Pethia sanjaymoluri, a new species of barb(Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from Northern Western Ghats, India. Journal of Fish Biology. (Sl.No: 1535; ID: J204; ISSN: 0022-1112). DOI:


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