Dr. Kaomud Tyagi


Dr. Kaomud Tyagi



Highest Academic degree, year

Ph.D. (Zoology),2004


Centre for DNA Taxonomy, Molecular Systematics Division

Email Address

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Area of Expertise

Taxonomy of Thysanoptera, DNA barcoding, Comparative Mitogenomics, Gut Microbiome


Experience after Ph. D.

19 years

Significant Achievements

  • Discovered 25 new thrips species
  • Largest attempt on DNA barcoding of thrips, spiders, etc
  • Evolutionary studies and gene rearrangement of thrips, spiders, whitefliesetc.
  • Gut microbiome of thrips and spiders.
  • Environmental Metagenomics of Aquatic Ecosystem



Supervising 03 PhD students


Research Focus

- Systematics of Thysanoptera

- DNA Barcoding and Molecular Phylogenetics

- Comparative Mitochondrial Genomics

- Gut Microbiome

- Environmental Metagenomics






130 research papers in SCI journals

-Tyagi, K., Kumar, V., Singha, D., Chandra, K., Laskar, B.A., Kundu, S., Chakraborty, R., Chatterjee, S. (2017) DNA Barcoding studies on Thrips in India: Cryptic species, Species complexes.  Scientific Reports, 4898, 7:1-14.

-Pal, S., Kumar, V., Panjaliya, R.K. and Tyagi, K., 2022. A new genus and species of subfamily Dendrothripinae (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) from India. Zootaxa, 5175(3), pp.383-388.

-Tyagi, I., Tyagi, K., Bhutiani, R., Chandra, K. and Kumar, V., 2021. Bacterial diversity assessment of world’s largest sewage-fed fish farms with special reference to water quality: a Ramsar site. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, pp.1-15.

-Pakrashi, A., Kumar, V., Stanford-Beale, D.A., Cameron, S.L. and Tyagi, K., 2022. Gene arrangement, phylogeny and divergence time estimation of mitogenomes in Thrips. Molecular Biology Reports, pp.1-15.

-Tyagi, K., Tyagi I. & Kumar, V. 2021. Interspecific variation and functional traits of the gut microbiome in spiders from the wild: The largest effort so far. PLoS ONE 16(7): e0251790.


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