Dr. Inderjeet Tyagi

Scientist-C (Chemist)


Scientist-C (Chemist)

Highest Academic degree, year

Ph.D. (Chemistry); 2016


Centre For DNA Taxonomy, Molecular Systematics Division

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Area of Expertise

Chemistry: Environmental Metagenomics; Water and Wastewater Quality; Gut Microbiome

Experience after Ph. D.

7 years

Significant Achievements(max 5 bullet points)

-First attempt (ZSI) based on environmentalmetagenomicsstudies of aquatic ecosystems such as Ramsar sites, Rivers, Polluted Drains, STPs/ETPs, drinking water, groundwater and Cancer affected villages.

- First attempt (ZSI) based on gut microbiota studies to decipher the microbial communities present in economically important species such as thrips and spiders.

- Water Quality (Physico-chemical data) of approximately 200 different sites (Including East Kolkata Wetland, Ganga River, STPs, Najafgarh Drain, drinking water and Groundwater)has been generated (Water Quality Indexing) and compiled keeping in view the standards prescribed by CPCB, New Delhi, World Health Organization (WHO), and United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

-  Metal Speciation studies from approximately 60 drinking water samples and 27 ground water samples was carried out and results were compiled in line with drinking water standard of WHO followed by Health Risk Indexing (HRI).


Supervised 03Postgraduate students

Research Focus (max. 5 bullet points)

- Environmental Metagenomics.

- Limnological Studies.

- Spatial and temporal distribution of water and wastewater pollutants.

- Water and Wastewater Treatment.

- Gut microbiome of economically important species.





- 130 research papers in SCI journals.

Inderjeet Tyagi, Vikas Kumar, Rama Rao Karri, Environmental Metagenomics, Water Quality and Possible Remediation Measures of Polluted Waters: A combined Approach, Elsevier.  (In Press). (Book)

Inderjeet Tyagi, Joanna Goscianska, Mohammad Hadi Dehghani, Rama Rao Karri, Sustainable Materials for Sensing and Remediation of Noxious Pollutants, Elsevier. Paperback ISBN: 9780323994255; eBook ISBN: 9780323994262 (August 2022). (Book)

Inderjeet Tyagi, K. Tyagi, R. Bhutiani, K. Chandra, V. Kumar, Bacterial Diversity Assessment of World’s Largest Sewage Fed Fish Farms with Special Reference to Water Quality: A Ramsar Site, Environment Science and Pollution Research, 28 (31), 2021 42372-42386. (I.F. = 5.8).

M. Ruhela, K. Sharma, R. Bhutiani, S.K. Chandniha, V. Kumar, K. Tyagi, F. Ahamad, Inderjeet Tyagi*, GIS-based impact assessment and spatial distribution of air and water pollutants in mining area, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 29, 2022, 31486–31500. (I.F. = 5.8).

K Tyagi#, Inderjeet Tyagi#, A Patidar, D Singha, A Kaczmarczyk-Ziemba, D Banerjee, V. Kumar, Gut microbial composition in developmental stages of Gall inducing thrips Gynaikothrips Uzeli and associated plant pathogenesis<!-- [if !supportNestedAnchors]--><!--[endif]-->, Saudi Journal of Biological Science, 3, 2022,1439-1446#Authors with Equal Contribution. (I.F. = 4.4)

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