Dr. Uttam Saikia


Dr. Uttam Saikia



Highest Academic degree, year

PhD, 2011



Zoological Survey of India, North Eastern Regional Centre,



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Area of Expertise

Small mammalian taxonomy (Bats and Rodents)


Experience after Ph. D.

12 years


Significant Achievements

  • Described and co-described two new species of bats
  • Reported four bat species for the first time from India and South Asia
  • Documentation and taxonomic investigations of the bat fauna of India especially in the western and eastern Himalayan region of India





Research Focus

  • Systematics of the bat fauna of India with special emphasis on the Himalayan region.
  • Echolocation call structure of Indian bats 
  • Cave fauna


Key publications

Over 30 publications in various national and International journals and book chapters

  • Uttam Saikia, Gabor Csorba and Manuel Ruedi (2017) First record of Hypsugo joffrei (Thomas.1915) and a review of Philetor brachyopterus (Temminck, 1840) (Chiroptera:Vespertilionidae) from the Indian Subcontinent Revue suisse de   Zoologie 124(1):83-89
  • Manuel Ruedi, Uttam Saikia, Adora Thabah, Tamas Gorfol, Sajan Thapa and Gabor Csorba (2021): Morphological and molecular revision of small Myotinae from the Himalayas shed new light in to the poorly known genus Submyotodon (Mammalia: Chiroptera) Mammalian Biology. 101:465-480
  • Daniel Harris, Uttam Saikia and Ilona Kharkongor (2021) Siju cave revisited. Journal of Cave and Karst Studies  3 (2020) 119–130.
  • Uttam Saikia, Rohit Chakravarty, Vishwanath D. Hegde, Asem Bipin Meetei, Sergei Kruskop, Gabor Csorba & Manuel Ruedi (2021) First record of disk-footed bat, Eudiscopus denticulus (Osgood, 1932) (Chiroptera: Mammalia) from India with notes on its ecology. Revue Suisse de Zoologie 128(1): 187-198.
  • Uttam Saikia, Manuel Ruedi and Gabor Csorba (2022) Out of Southeast Asia: a new species of thick-thumbed bat (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae: Glischropus) from Meghalaya, north-eastern India. Zootaxa 5154 (3): 355–364


  • Uttam Saikia, Ruedi, Manuel, Chakravarty, Rohit & Chaudhary, Harish Chandra (2021). Bats of Meghalaya. Environment and Forest Dept., Govt of Meghalaya and Zoological Survey of India, 180 pp


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