Dr. Navneet Singh

Scientist- E

Dr. Navneet Singh



Highest Academic degree, year

Ph.D.; 2008



Lepidoptera Section, Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata


Email Address


Phone Number

+91 9504120703


Area of Expertise

Taxonomy: Lepidoptera (Moths)


Experience after Ph. D.

15 years


Significant Achievements

Taxonomy of Moths

  • Discovered 20 new genera, 04 new subgenera and more than 160 new species/ subspecies of moths.
  • Enriched the moth fauna of India by new country records of 15 genera and 201 species.
  • Other taxonomic solutions for Indian moths include synonymization of 03 genera and 12 species, replacement name for 2 species, resurrection of 4 genera and 6 species and new combinations for 62 species.
  • Designated Lectotype of 34 species.


Pollination Ecology of Moths

  • Revealed the significance of moths in pollination of angiosperm families and established 111 species of moths as potential pollinators of 26 plant families in Indian Himalaya.


Supervised 03 PhD students


Research Focus

  • Taxonomy of Indian Moths (Lepidoptera) with species emphasis on Arctiinae (Erebidae) and Pyraloidea.
  • Understanding the moth-plant interaction through pollen transport networks.





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Singh, N., Joshi, R., Kirti, J.S., Bisht, S.S. &Param, H.S. (2021) A catalogue of Indian Arctiinae (Erebidae, Lepidoptera). Zootaxa, 5058 (1): 001–118.

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