Dr. Archana Bahuguna

Scientist- E

Dr. Archana Bahuguna

Scientist- E

Highest Academic degree, year

Ph.D.(with NET,CSIR); 1995



Northern Regional Center, Zoological Survey of India, DehraDun


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Area of Expertise

 Wildlife Forensic (Trichotaxonomy Molecular}; Reptilia, Amphibia,


Experience after Ph. D.

27 years


Significant Achievements(max 5 bullet points)

  • Used taxidermy samples of threatened species of mammals and Reptilia (Freshwater turtles and Varanus species) to generate gene sequences for their identification.
  • Published 387gene sequences at NCBI of threatened taxa
  • Provided trichotaxonomy data for small mammals for wildlife forensic and also for prey predator relationship
  • Prepared manuals based on hair analysis of selected mammals (used by various agencies including WII for solving poaching cases under INDO USFWS project of Wildlife Institute of India)
  • Prepared the first document of Uttarakhand Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (worked as Nodal Officer,State Forest Department) Exective agency : MoEF, Sponsored by UNDP, coordinated by Technical Core Group, Administrative agency Biotech Consortium India Limited, Nodal agency State Forest Department



Supervised 01 PhD students, 02 PhD students are under supervision; supervised many PG students for M.Sc dissertation


Research Focus(max. 5 bullet points)

- -Wildlife Forensic

-Molecular Systematic

-Taxonomy of Reptilia

-Taxonomy of Amphibia







  • Manual: Bahuguna, A.,Sahajpal,V., Goyal,S.P., Mukherjee,S.K. and Thakur,V. 2010. Species identification from guard hair of Selected Indian Mammals A reference guide. Published by Wildlife Institute of India with the fund support  by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs, United Kingdom) and TRAFFIC pp434 ISBN 81-85486-24-2
  • Bahuguna, A. and Mukherjee, S.K. 2000. Use of SEM to recognize Tibetan  antelope (Chiru) hair and blending in wool product, Science & Justice,(United  Kingdom) 40(3):1777-182. ISSN: 1355-0306. Impact factor 2.124
  • Bahuguna,A 2008. Altitudinal variations in morphological characters of taxonomic importance in Laudakia tuberculata Hardwicke and Gray from Western Himalaya (Uttarakhand), India    Russian Journal of Herpetology 15 (3):207-211. ISSN: 10262296                               Impact score 0.63
  • Bedwal, R.S. and Bahuguna, A. 1994. Zinc, copper and selenium in Reproduction (a review), Experientia. (Switzerland). 50: 626-640. Impact factor 9.261. ISBN  978-2894368237 DOI: 10.1007/BF01952862
  • Bahuguna, Archana and Singh Ashutosh 2019.Molecular characterization by using 12SrRNA and Cytochrome b for identification of species of genus Ratufa (Rodentia: Scuiridae) including Ratufa indica, endemic species of India.  Mitochondrial DNA B Resour. 4(2): 3085–3091. ISSN 2380-2359 Impact factor- 0.55


  • Published 5 books; 21 publication in SCI journals (International and National: Forensic Science International, Mtochondria Part A, Mitochondria Part B, Russian j of herpetology, Current Science, Indian J of Experimental Biology, British Herpetological Society, Herpetological Review), rest in NAAS,UGC journals, Society of Wildlife Forensic USA Newsletter and in ZSI publications. Total 76, also published  popular science articles in Hindi and English.


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