Dr. Mukesh Thakur


Dr.Mukesh Thakur

Scientist-D and Officer-in-charge Mammal and Osteology Section

Coordinator- Centre for Forensic Sciences

Highest Academic degree, year

Ph.D.; 2012


Mammal and Osteology Section

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Area of Expertise

Conservation Biology (Genetics & Wildlife Forensics)

Experience after Ph. D.

11 years

Significant Achievements(max 5 bullet points)

- Contributed in recognition of hangul (Kashmir red deer) a species status and upgradation its conservation status from Least Concern to Critically Endangered under the red list of IUCN.

- Discovered Sela macaque- a new phylogenetic species of macaque from Eastern Himalayas

- revisited chicken domestication, &established monphyleticorigin of present day chicken from one red jungle fowl (RJF) subspecies G. g. spadiceus and domestication took place in southwestern China, northern Thailand and Myanmar.



-08 PhD ongoing (04 as main guide & 04 as Co-guide; 02 submitted)

Research Focus(max. 5 bullet points)

- Studying population genetics of free-ranging large mammals in heterogenous landscapes experiencing various challenges and making informed decisions &conservation strategies.

- Studying genetic divergence, speciation and complex evolution of large mammals with respect to the large geo-climatic events.

- Integrating genomic data with ecological information for landscape-level conservation planning of large mammal populations in India.

- Investigating the genetic consequences of human-wildlife interactions on large mammal populations and developing mitigation strategies.

- Identifying genetic markers for wildlife forensics, population health, adaptation, and conservation management of large mammals.





-Wang, MS., Thakur, M., Peng, MS. et al. 863 genomes reveal the origin and domestication of chicken. Cell Res 30, 693–701 (2020).

- Wang, M.S., Thakur, M.,Jhala, Y., Wang, S., Srinivas, Y., Dai, S.S, Liu, Z-X., Chen, H-M.,  Green, R.E., Koepfli, K-P., Shapiro, B., (2022). Genome Sequencing of a Gray Wolf from Peninsular India Provides New Insights into the Evolution and Hybridization of Gray Wolves, Genome Biology and Evolution, 14, 2. evac012,

- Joshi, B. D., Singh, S. K., Singh, V. K., Jabin, G., Ghosh, A., Dalui, S., ... &Thakur, M. (2022). From poops to planning: A broad non-invasive genetic survey of large mammals from the Indian Himalayan Region. Science of The Total Environment, 853, 158679.

- Dalui S, Khatri H, Singh SK, Basu S, Ghosh A, Mukherjee T, Sharma LK, Singh R, Chandra K, Thakur M. (2020). Fine-scale landscape genetics unveiling contemporary asymmetric movement of red panda (Ailurus fulgens) in Kangchenjunga landscape, India. Scientific Reports. Sep 22;10 (1):15446. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-72427-3.

- Ghosh, A., Thakur, M., Singh, S.K., Dutta, R., Sharma, L.K., Chandra, K. and Banerjee, D. (2022). The Sela macaque (Macaca selai) is a distinct phylogenetic species that evolved from the Arunachal macaque following allopatric speciation, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution,

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