Zoological Survey of India

Zoological Survey of India

Zoological Survey of India, Govt. Of India


 28 Books and 755 research papers were published in various national/international journals by the scientists of the Centre.                                                  

  • Studies on Ectoparasites of Bats of Rajasthan and Gujarat (India)
  • Fauna of India: Coleoptera (Family Gyrinidae and Haliplidae)
  • Fauna of India - Isoptera (Termites) Vol. 1
  • Handbook on Indian Lizards
  • Faunal Diversity in the Thar Desert - Gaps in Research
  • Fauna of Indian Reptilia: Testudines and Crocodilians,  
  • Status survey of Chinkara and Desert Cat in Rajasthan
  • Fauna of Gujarat (Part-I )  Vertebrates
  • Fauna of Indian Reptilia: Sauria
  • Handbook - Indian Snakes
  • Fauna of Gujarat (Part-II )
  • Bibliography of Rajasthan Fauna
  • Fauna of Desert National Park, Rajasthan (Proposed Biosphere Reserve)
  • Fauna of Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan
  • Geo-spatial Atlas for the Wetland Birds of Thar Desert, Rajasthan
  • Fauna of Pichhola Lake, Rajasthan
  • Fauna of Indian Reptilia: Serpentes
  • Ants (Formicidae) of Rajasthan
  • Termite (Insecta: Isoptera) Fauna of Gujarat and Rajasthan
  • Fauna of Nalsarovar Wetland, Gujarat
  • Faunal Resources of Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan
  • Dung beetles of Thar Desert of Gujarat
  • Fauna of Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan
  • Habitat suitability analysis of Chinkara, Gazella bennetti in Rajasthan
  • Pictorial Handbook on Plant and Soil Nematodes of Rajasthan
  • Faunal Diversity of Khijadiya Lake and Bird Sanctuary, Gujarat – An Avian Community Perspective
  • Faunal Exploration of Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan
  • Faunal Exploration of Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan


The Library of the Centre has acquired 3, 579 books and 21 Journals/Periodicals are subscribed.