Zoological Survey of India

Zoological Survey of India

Zoological Survey of India, Govt. Of India
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Thousands of zoological specimens belonging to various groups are received annually from various universities, research institutes, agriculture, health and hygiene departments of state and central government, besides individual research workers engaged in research on various aspects of zoology. These zoological specimens are determined by the experts of the department or got determined through the good offices of outside experts, in case no expert is available in the department on a particular group. The confirmation of identification up to species level is also undertaken. Even the experts of the department receive samples from out side India for study and identification. In addition, skins, hair, feathers, and other items of animal origin, proposed to be exported from India by different private firms, are received from the Custom Authorities for authentic identification to ensure that the threatened and endangered species according to CITES (Convention of International Trade on Endangered Species) are not exported.

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